My art is a reflection of the human experience and our levels of emotions as we travel through life. I enjoy experimenting with colors, textures, shadows, layering, and effects. My art usually starts with reality as a base. From there it is warped into a piece that shows the thoughts or mood centered around that reality at that moment. My art ranges from the fun and fanciful to the dark and brooding. My art moves the viewer to feel and to see something distinctive to them.

Each peice comes from my heart. When you purchase art from me you are getting part of me with it. I believe part of my spirit lives in every piece I produce. I make art that helps and heals whether it is using my talent to help new buisinesses get noticed or helping a person dealing with mental health issues. Giving back to my community is important to me.

My Goal and Vision:

I strive to give each person a peice of art that they will enjoy and feel something new from for years to come. I understand struggling and try to give the very best. Regarless of size or complexity I make sure it is of value.