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Available on 11x14 canvas for $200.00.
S&H and taxes included in the price or free delivery if within Hornell, NY.

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Embellished Reflection Psychoactive Fantasy Golden Hope Majesty Big Punk Lady in Waiting
Lava Love Flight of the Dragons Red Skies at Night Relaxing Dreams Serene Vision Watchers
Fish Wiggle Zoned Thoughts out Loud Stamp of Approval The Oath  Celestial Torrent
Close Quarters Mesmeric Macrocosm Tepid Suspension Town Hall Yesterday's Tranquility  Cavern of Echoes
Night Shade Curious Kindred  Ember Flurry Ambition Buddy Owls Perpetual Devotion
Corrosion Celestial Division Escape Madness  Bruce on the Loose Edge of Nowhere Samhain Celebration
Seasons Springtime Blossoms Rainbow Unicorns Lunar Lotus Indulgence Wonderful Malfeasance
Gilded Nefarious Delight  Grasp Halloween Dreams  Fly Away Home  Uncertainty 
 Athene Noctua Crystal Fairy Three Amigos Sugar Fields     Schematics


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'I absolutely love your art work. You are very talented! There are some beautiful pieces in the gallery that I really connected with. Just awesome! The color and life are truly breathtaking. Amazing work!'

'Traci's art is always never quite what you expect. Her kaleidoscope of colors and patterns feels like a Rorschach test from another world. Her art is retro but so futuristic at the same time. I love it! '

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