What a better way to celebrate the holidays than to create a miracle of your own!

100% of the proceeds will benefit Kelly's Critter Crew of Hornell, NY.

Simply send me your photo and I will add a pinch of artistic vision, and a dash of holiday spirit to it. You can choose to purchase either a digital version or an 8x10 printed version that will be mailed to you.

To get started fill out a form with your contact information and attached photo. I will contact you when it's successfully received. A link to pay online will be sent as well.

MAKE a miracle HAPPEN this holiday season!
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Kelly's Critter Crew Fundraiser

'I absolutely love your art work. You are very talented! There are some beautiful pieces in the gallery that I really connected with. Just awesome! The color and life are truly breathtaking. Amazing work!'

'Traci's art is always never quite what you expect. Her kaleidoscope of colors and patterns feels like a Rorschach test from another world. Her art is retro but so futuristic at the same time. I love it! '

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